2019 Ownership Survey Open

Our Ownership Survey for 2019 is now OPEN.

Each year we survey fans from every club between the Premier League and the National League N/S in search of the best and worst owners in the country.

Last year over 3,500 fans named Accrington Stanley’s Andy Holt as English Football’s best club owner, while Owen Oyston was named the worst.

This year we’re opening the voting slightly earlier. The results will be announced at the end of December.

You can take the 2019 survey here: https://forms.gle/ejSMs942t5qgyoXSA

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  1. In Dave Allen and his lickspittles we have the worst owners in football. The toxicity at the top, driven by an owner who doesn’t care or attend games, is cascading through the club. Hence our pathetic last 4 years. I cannot understand why he continues, he loans money to keep the club running, the debt increases as does his perceived pig headedness to refuse to sell. Baffling.

    Chesterfield FC

  2. Carlisle united

  3. The heart and soul torn from our club and its loyal supporters by the current owner and his henchmen puppets. It doesnt and shouldnt get any worse,,,but probably will. Seeing us lose our league status and then struggle in the National League to stay up we were rewarded with a £49 increase in our season tickets for this current season…you can only push loyalty so far,,,,

  4. My nephew is a Sheffield Wednesday supporter so I asked him ‘Mr. Allen is taking over C.F.C. – what do you think? – ‘Toxic’ – he said. There is no defence for what he is doing to the club and only he knows what his desired end result will be. However he was persuaded to take over a club – that he had zero affinety with – solely to develop and profit from the commercial side of the club i.e. dining, hospitality, etc. He has employed people who have absolutely no idea of how to run a professional football club – whether or not this has been done to spite the fans is unclear, however he is an extremely successful business man and as soon has he realised that the football club, as a business, wasn’t going to break even, he decided to ‘pull the plug’.

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